Let’s build an iOS app in Swift and own frameworks: WikiLocation

[Update July 23.] Apple added access control in Beta 4 which means that I have to adapt the new behavior (explicit exposing methods for public access) for my example frameworks. Right now I’m traveling around. This will be done later in August. [/update]
Enough theory, enough reading in Swift. Now it is time to build a real app. With this blog post I will demonstrate Swift. This is not a tutorial how to build iOS apps from scratch. I assume that you are familiar with building iOS apps in Objective C. The purpose of this article is to explain some Swift features, pitfalls and patterns with code snippets.
What is this app about? The app’s name is WikiLocation. As the name implies, it uses your current location and provides you nearby Wikipedia articles. (Buildings, lakes and so on). Straight forward. Not too much magic.
This mini app covers ViewControllers, Views & Models in Swift and custom iOS Frameworks (modules) :

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Xcode 6 – View Debugging

Xcode 6 has a really cool feature: View debugging – which means that you can visualize your app’s view hierarchy

  1. Print the whole view hierarchy in a list
  2. See the view stack in 3D
  3. Retrieve super detailed information and properties about your view
  4. ….But…you can’t modify the view’s properties like with Reveal. I assume that Apple will add this feature in the Golden Master of Xcode 6

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